About Bircat Ha’aretz
“The Ingathering of the Exiles and the Geulah depend
on the fulfillment of the Land of Israel mitzvahs.”

(Vilna Gaon)

Bircat Ha’aretz was founded in 2011 by Rabbi Yinon Raviv.
This unique agricultural project was initiated with the purpose
of allowing individuals to make a genuine land purchase in
Israel while at the same time being able to fulfill the mitzvot
exclusive to the land of Israel. Following the acquisition of the
land, the fields were divided into parcels of 250 square meters
(2,700 square feet) and were prepared for the planting of the
Sheva Minim (seven species). This includes the five fruits;
grape vines, date, figs, pomegranate, and olive trees , as well
as the two grains; wheat and barley. .

When you become a member of Bircat Ha’aaretz and purchase
your parcel, you will both own land in Israel as well as all the
produce from every one of the seven species that characterize
the land of Israel. This enables you and your family to fulfill the
35 mitzvot exclusive to the land of Israel that are applicable today.

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