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Moshe Rabbeinu, the greatest of all prophets, laid forth 515 supplications before the Holy One, to permit him to enter the Land of Israel. What is the secret that lies in his dream to step foot in the Holy Land? “Thus reasoned Moshe: The Jews were commanded to do many mitzvahs that can only be fulfilled in the Land of Israel. I will enter the Land in order that they be fulfilled through me” Sota 14a

By owning a portion of land through Bircat Haaretz, you will have your own personal envoys in the Holy Land, giving you and your family the merit of fulfilling the following 35 mitzvot every single day:

1. Prohibition against planting mixes species
2. Prohibition against planting different species in a vineyard
3. To leave a portion of the crop for the poor
4. Not to reap the entire field
5. To leave the leket (gleanings)
6. Not to gather the leket
7. To leave olelot (small bunches of scattered grapes) in the vineyard
8. Not to gather the olelot from the vineyard
9. To leave the peret (single fallen grapes) in the vineyard
10. Not to gather the peret from the vineyard
11. To leave behind a forgotten sheaf (shichecha)
12. Not to return to collect a forgotten sheaf
13. To tithe for the poor (maaser ani)
14. To separate a portion of the produce for a Kohen (teruma)
15. To separate a tenth of the teruma for a Levite (terumat maaser)
16. Not to alter the order of the tithes
17. To allow only a Kohen to eat teruma
18. To separate the First Tithe
19. To separate the Second Tithe
20. Not to eat the produce of the Second Tithe outside of Jerusalem
21. Not to consume wine outside of Jerusalem
22. Not to consume olive oil outside of Jerusalem
23. To make an avowal of all of the tithes
24. To make the fourth year’s yield of a fruit tree holy
25. To separate dough for a Kohen
26. To cease from agricultural labor in the Seventh Year
27. Not to work the land in the Seventh Year
28. Not to tend trees in the Seventh Year
29. Not to harvest the aftergrowth in the Seventh Year
30. Not to gather fruit normally in the Seventh Year
31. To leave produce ownerless in the Seventh Year
32. Not to work the land in the Jubilee Year
33. Not to gather fruit normally in the Jubilee Year
34. Not to sell the land permanently
35. Not to harvest the aftergrowth in the Jubilee Year
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